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Occupy Boise

Today I shot pictures of the silent protest organized by Occupy Boise, part of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Today they are taping $1 over their mouths to symbolize how the 1% have silenced the other 99% in the USA. They also say the $1 is one dollar more than the Bank of America has paid in taxes

Jealousy on the Bench

I think I saw Santa

He was shopping at a farmer's market. He wasn't wearing his suit, but I'm still pretty sure it was him.


Charlie was just sitting down at the table next to me as I was getting up to leave. He's a local at this coffee shop and he was greeting the other normals. When I asked if I could take a picture of him he told me the story of how a picture of him was featured on day on CNN when he was all dressed up. The pin was all the decoration he needed today.


candid shot of a man with a great hat during the Hyde Park Street Fair in Boise

Three serious women

Mom and two daughters walking through the park in Boise.


Walking a bike through the Grove fountain in Boise.

Anything Helps

Homeless man in downtown Boise. Shot from the hip.

Finger Pointing

Fun dressed dude at a pizza parlor pointing one of two fingers at me as I shot this from my hip as I passed by.

Pretty, Kitty, and Lou

Glamour is a state of mind. That, plus sunglasses.

Artist making a cardboard sign before starting his street performance.

A Meeting of the Wheels

A Smoking Air Guitar

Two smokers deftly multi-tasking in an imaginary band.

Homeless Chezburger?

After I saw him and shot this picture, I went a couple of blocks to the nearest fast food restaurant and bought him a couple of cheeseburgers. Unfortunately when I doubled back around he had already caught the bus and was gone. Fortunately, then again not so, I know of another corner where homeless people normally hang out. I found a hungry and grateful man that made the cheeseburgers feel right at home.

We Hold These Truths

Around 400 people marched to Idaho State Capitol building as part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Some of the signs and messages were about outrage, but not all of the actions were.

Conference Break

Man outside of convention center, getting some time away from the crowded hall.

Milk and a Red Head

Do you hear the music in my head?

Man dancing around the streets of Boise with a box on his head made to look like a stereo.

Song without a Face


Big Star

Thumb in her jeans

Girl with the Gear Tattoo

A photogenic redhead with both natural and added decorations.

Boys being Boys on the Beach

When the water was closed due to unsafe conditions the boys still found the beach to be a fun playground.

Stone Throne

Man taking a break after shopping.

The Cat at the Center of the Universe

Not so silent protest

A protester speaking to the media during a silent protest as part of the Occupy movement.

Watching the Veterans Parade brings back memories

Shot during the Veterans Day Parade in Boise. This observer was standing by himself and looked both respectful and deep in thought.

Hot Fresh Donuts

When you have a woman with a Hello Kitty purse feeding you hot, fresh donuts, you should have more of a smile on your face.

Star Trek has a band?

This high school marching band appears to have the Star Trek Federation symbol on their hats.


Saturday market wallflower

Stealing the Mannequin

Young Artist Making a Small Profit

This lad couldn't keep up with demand. He had been paid for three drawings already when I took his picture. I left him a quarter for the picture and wished him well.

Early season carolers

High school choir group filling the downtown market with sounds of good cheer.

Stumptown Barristas

A quick shot in one of my favorite coffee shops in Portland.

Take my religion, please.

The Watchtower front man couldn't find any takers for his Jehovah's Witness magazine during the Black Friday shopping spree.

Lunch Box

Portland chef with a corner market on a corner.

Outside the bars, still in prison

Black Friday is darker for some.

The Carnation Kid

He walked around Pioneer Square in Portland holding his carnations like they were his dreams.

Sipping Coffee through a Straw


Cecil had only collected six dollars standing in front of a big department store on Black Friday. He needed $24 to get a room at the hostel for both him and his wife. The night before they had spent on the street.

Portland Lumberjack

Seemed a bit out of place with the downtown shoppers on Black Friday.

Doomsday Walking Stick

A homeless man in Portland equipped his walking stick with all the gadgets he needs.

Giving his Bike a Lift

Performer in Pioneer Square taking his bike where his bike won't take him.

Fun in the Fountain!

Girl enjoying the fountain on the Grove in downtown Boise.

Shopping Mall Santa

A happy Santa baby with her mom and dad visiting the Santa Claus at the local shopping mall.

Old Portland Soul

Finger of Index

Pull my finger

Dancing man in the Portland Saturday Market

Pouty Paperboy

Can I inspire you to purchase a newspaper?

Getting Natalie Ready for the Dance

Girlfriends apply the glitter to their gal pal.

Art in the Park

Street shot of woman looking through art exhibits in the park

Day dreaming cowboy

Beer Focus

Focusing on this guy's beer, that I wanted to drink, created a fun depth of field at this outdoor concert.

Jewelry display

Biking in Boise

You have a little something right here...

Husband caring enough to let his wife know there is a little mustard on her face left over from the hot dog vendor.

Soldier on the Bench

Man keeping watch on the downtown streets of Boise.

Modern Flapper

Model at an art display at the Modern Hotel annual art night.

penny loafer pedals

Childhood colors


Preaching to the Empty Seats

Street preacher in Portland has passion, but not much of an audience

I wanna hold your hand

Street photo of a couple in Pike's Place Market in Seattle, shot from the hip.


Street shot, taken from the hip, of a cute couple near Pioneer Square.

Road Work Ahead

Men at Work

Three x Three

Beauty in the Bricks

A lady peeking out from a downtown doorway

Reading at the Crux

Peering over sunglasses

Napoleon's Grandma

spinning rock

Bike and Spikes

Street dancing


Double texting

boom box and tip toes

Man and Dog on Boise River







El Toro

Street photo of a man leaning down to inspect a restaurant menu.

Portlandia 1

The coffee bar at Stumptown

Portlandia 3

Homeless man with black eye making the rounds at the Saturday Market

Portlandia 2

A street with an old time feel

Portlandia 4

Leaning against the pillars

Portlandia 5

Another photographer at the Saturday Market in Portland

Portlandia 6

Abbey Road in Portland

Portlandia 7

Two men and a baby

Portlandia 8

Street preacher being ignored

Portlandia 9

Skaters crossing the bricks

Portlandia 8

Woman carrying dog across the tracks

Portlandia 11

Elvis has left the building

Portlandia 10

Standing on one foot

Portlandia 12

Dog wearing owner's coat

Portlandia 13

Taking street photos is a challenging endeavor. A photographer wants to capture life as it is happening but not at the sake of exploiting someone. This line seems fuzzier when you deal with those who actually live on the streets. How do you capture and share their humanity, their condition, without it being degrading? In the case with this individual I was passing right by him. I was struck how he was able to sleep in the daytime, right outside of the food vendor's trailer, while the world passed him by. It also struck me that he may not feel safe to sleep on these same streets at night. Instead of stopping and gawking, I shot the photo from my hip. He was still asleep a half hour later when I walked back by.

Moving for a Music Video

Woman watching her reflection in a mirrored building while she practices her dance moves.

Corrupt Chaos in Freak Alley

The band Corrupt Chaos having a smoke break in a Boise alley.

Fashion Dog

The dog was wearing more clothes than the teenager pulling her on the skateboard